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E-Novel is an innovative platform revolutionizing the traditional publishing landscape, providing aspiring writers across India with a seamless pathway to share their stories with the world. Our online book publication app serves as a beacon of inclusivity, welcoming storytellers from diverse backgrounds, including housewives, students, and seasoned individuals.

Key Features:

1. Ease of Use:  With just a few clicks, writers can effortlessly upload their tales directly from their computers or mobile devices.

2. Accessibility:  We embrace both modern and traditional approaches to storytelling, allowing writers to upload their work digitally or by snapping a photo of handwritten manuscripts.

3. Quality Assurance:  Our dedicated team meticulously verifies each submission to ensure quality and authenticity, maintaining high standards across all published works.

4. Publication Opportunities:  As writers captivate readers and achieve milestones of 1000 subscribers and 100 published works, we proudly transform their collections into published books, amplifying their reach and impact.

5. Fair Commission Basis:  Operating on a transparent and fair commission basis, writers earn 65% of their book sales, empowering them to monetize their creativity and hard work.


At E-Novel, our mission is to turn dreams into reality, one story at a time. We believe in providing aspiring writers with the platform and support they need to share their unique voices and perspectives with the world, fostering a community of creativity, collaboration, and empowerment.


Our vision is to become the premier destination for aspiring writers in India, recognized for our commitment to inclusivity, quality, and transparency. We aim to inspire and empower storytellers of all backgrounds to pursue their passion for writing and connect with readers on a global scale.

Core Values:

1. Inclusivity:  We believe that everyone has a story to tell, regardless of their background or experience.

2. Quality:  We uphold high standards of quality and authenticity in all published works, ensuring an enriching reading experience for our audience.

3. Transparency:  We operate with transparency and integrity, fostering trust and accountability within our community of writers and readers.

4. Empowerment:  We empower writers to share their voices and stories with confidence, providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

5. Collaboration:  We foster a spirit of collaboration and mutual support among our community members, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives and experiences.

Join Us:

Are you ready to share your story with the world? Join us at E-Novel and embark on a journey of creativity, discovery, and empowerment. Together, we can turn your dreams into reality, one story at a time.