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Introducing a revolutionary platform for aspiring writers across India! Say goodbye to the daunting hurdles of traditional publishing offices. At our online book publications app, we champion inclusivity, welcoming storytellers from all walks of life - be it housewives, students, or seasoned individuals. With just a few clicks, writers can effortlessly share their tales directly from their computers or mobile devices. For those who prefer the old-fashioned pen and paper, simply snap a photo and upload it to our platform. Our dedicated team meticulously verifies each submission, ensuring quality and authenticity. As your stories captivate readers and garner 1000 subscribers along with 100 published works, we proudly transform your collection into a published book. With transparency at our core, we operate on a fair commission basis, allowing you to earn 65% of your book sales. Join us in turning dreams into reality, one story at a time.

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